Determine your own prices and commission...

… based on the CarDelMar Commission Plus+ scheme!

In addition to the basic commission rate we also offer a Commission Plus+ sheme. How it works: Depending on the travel agent's sales pitch and the price sensitivity of your customer, you can top up the basic commission with our Commission Plus+ scheme.

Click here to download a summary of the commission model.

Overview of Travel Agency benefits:


  • Attractive Commission Rates
  • Achievable bonuses
  • Commission rates:
    • From 12% (according to coverage package)
    • Increase the basic commission with the Commission Plus scheme+
  • Turnover and commission earned can be checked online daily
  • CarDelMar is responsible for the credit card fees 
  • Our online booking tools offer a simple and quick service
  • A free hotline service
    0800 987 90 87

Overview of customer benefits:


  • Customers have the option to choose from four affordable coverage packages
  • There are no extra charges for cancellations made up to 24 hours before the pick-up date
  • Credit card is charged three weeks before the scheduled car hire, instead of directly after the booking
  • CarDelMar is responsible for the credit card fees
  • We offer  car hire in over 60 countries worldwide at mega low prices
  • There is an accessible customer service while abroad (+49 40 180 48 36 302)




Click here to download a summary of the coverage packages.


Get started…


Four simple booking steps

  1. Simply change your individual commission in the booking mask. 
  2. The next booking step will show the complete rental price inclusive of your additional charges.
  3. Choose your desired vehicle, and then simply follow the instructions till the last booking stage.
  4. Customer credit card payments are made directly to CarDelMar. Your monthly commission will be transferred to the necessary accounts by CarDelMar. This can simply be viewed online under the heading ‘Your Account’, then under ‘Bookings and Turnover’.

Then simply send your completed Agency contract to CarDelMar, this can be done either by post or fax. As soon as we receive this information, we will send you the necessary Log In data.

Alternatively, for further information you can send an email to [email protected] or call our free phone hotline
0800 987 90 87.