Car hire statistics infographic 2013

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Where was car rental cheapest in 2013 and what was the best month to book? Our infographic will help you save!

Where was car rental cheapest in 2013 and what was the best month to book? Our infographic will help you save!

Did you know that last year Cyprus was one of the cheapest destinations to book a hire car? Or that people booked their hire cars only 20 days before their holiday? Or that the cheapest time to book a trip to Spain was in January or February? This kind of information can be really useful for planning your budget getaway, so we have packed as much interesting information as we could into this snazzy infographic for you. It illustrates the behaviour of our car hire customers in 2013.

Who hired vehicles from us?

The demographics of our customers as a whole varies, of course, from that of the customers who actually do the booking. Our customers tend to travel in groups, but it is the men aged 45-54 that did the majority of the booking. Only 29% of our customers that booked were women.

Where did people travel to in 2013?

Spain was the by far most popular travel destination for our customers – of which the majority is based in Europe – with Mallorca, Barcelona and Ibiza as travel highlights. The relatively cheap cost of car hire and other holiday expenses as well as the abundance of sun, beaches and parties, seemed to be a winning combination. Other mediterranean destinations such as Italy, France and Greece were also sought after. This trend was no different for our British customers.

How much did people pay for car hire?

It’s fun to look at people’s travel plans, but just how much did it cost? Well our customers spent an average of £24 per day for car hire in 2013. This is based on an economy vehicle for a 7-day period with standard coverage. Of course, luxury cars cost more. The most expensive countries to hire a car included South American and Scandinavian countries, as well as the relatively isolated Iceland. While the cheapest car hire countries included Cyprus, Spain and Bulgaria. But, in order to find the cheapest prices, your best bet was to book early in the year or at the end of summer.

How did holidaymakers book?

The end of summer is very busy for us here at CarDelMar, with the the majority of customers booking in August and the busiest travel month as September. Customers tended to book only 20 days before their holidays for a period of 8 days on average. Generally, we encourage our customers to book as early as possible to get the best deals and vehicle availability.