Which Car Category Should I Choose?

The appropriate type of car category should be selected with the main needs of the holiday goers in mind. Helpful can be to begin by asking yourself the following list of questions:

How many people are travelling with you?

1 to 2 Adults -> Just a mini or 3-door Economy car is needed in this case. If you would like a little more space in which to be comfortable, or if one of the travellers is particularly large, an upgrade to a 5-door Economy car could be ideal. 

2 Adults & one small child -> At least a 5-door Economy car will be necessary here, especially if you are carrying more than just hand luggage. In order to be comfortable, consider how many bags you are bringing so they don't end up on your laps!

4 Adults -> A car in the Compact category should be enough for this group of travellers. But if you also have a lot of bags, then something even bigger might be better; a minivan with 5 seats (such as a Citroen Picasso) or even an estate car (Ford Focus or Opel Astra) will be a better bet. 

5 Adults -> At least a minivan with 5 seats will be required, such as a Citroen Picasso or Renault Megane. A large amount of baggage will in this case require an upgrade to a 7-seat People Carrier.

6 or 7 Adults ->  Either a 7-seat People Carrier, or two Economy cars for the group. Have a good look at the prices; often two Economy cars can even come out cheaper!

8 or 9 Adults  ->  A full-sized people carrier with 9 seats, such as a Mercedes Vito, or two or three Economy cars.

Are you bringing much luggage?

Don’t forget; when luggage space is a top priority, hiring an Estate Car can avoid the situation of receiving a Minivan with a boot that doesn’t live up to expectations.

Should the car be booked with air conditioning?

Whether or not a vehicle should have air conditioning depends on:

  • Your own feelings about it

  • The climate of the country you are visiting 

    • For instance, summers in the Mediterranean can be surprisingly hot, making air conditioning an absolute must.

    • Some travellers are surprised that in certain places, such as Poland, many vehicles do not even have the option of air conditioning, due to the regularly mild summers.

Automatic or manual transmission?

  • Rental cars should always be rented on the basis of your own habits.

    • If you are used to driving with manual transmission, having a car with a familiar transmission can be one comforting factor while you are on holiday in an unfamiliar land. It is more challenging when an automatic is not available, and you have to get to the beach using a manual.

  • Both types of cars are usually available in most locations, but please make sure to specify your request beforehand. However, some exceptions do exist. In the United States and Australia, you are more likely to get a car with automatic transmission. Similarly, in the south of France, if you can drive manual, you will have a much wider selection of cars to choose from!

Diesel or unleaded petrol?

Depending on the rate of fuel prices in certain countries, it can be a wise decision for your pocket to have a car that takes Diesel petrol. In many instances, Diesel versions of the car you wish to hire are available right alongside their unleaded petrol partners. During the car selection process, keep an eye out for cars with Diesel in their title, which also have an ‘X’ in their car code name. For instance, a Diesel Economy will be listed as an EXMR. Diesels are often a bit more expensive, so it’s up to you to decide how much driving you will do, and if it will be worth it. Sometimes, after booking a vehicle with unleaded petrol, you may still be surprised with a Diesel. This will then be considered as a ‘Free Upgrade,’ and you will be able to save on refuelling at no additional cost to yourself.


The time has come to live out your dream holiday: drive along a windy cliff overlooking the Mediterranean in a beautiful new convertible!

  • Special vehicles such as convertibles are not immediately available and generally have to be requested from car rental services, so booking convertibles plenty of time in advance is recommended.


With Minivans it is the same as with above-mentioned convertibles.

  • The earlier they are booked, the more likely the car will be available and confirmed.

  • Alternatively, you can book several smaller categories.


In certain regions such as Costa Rica, streets are not up to European standards and SUVs are quite a desirable commodity.

  • Local car hire companies give you the possibility of conquering the unpredictable dirt roads by offering a wide range of SUVs.

  • If you are planning a roadtrip across the USA or Canada, you can fit in by booking an SUV or Jeep, which will incidentally give you a considerable amount of luggage space.
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