Car hire Newcastle

Car hire Newcastle

Newcastle car hire -more than meets the eye

Newcastle is not the most beautiful city of Australia and is definitely not the main destination for Australia holiday makers whether they have car hire or not!  However, as you can often find, the first impression is not necessarily the right one.  With 260,000 inhabitants, Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales.  The inhabitants of this city have a quiet and peaceful way of living- a relaxing change from the hectic activity of a large city such as Sydney.  Originally Newcastle was founded as a penal colony in 1804- in between time it has become an industrial city.  The first thing that you will notice is the harbour areas as well as the iron and steel works.  Malicious tongues dub Newcastle, “Sydneys Siberia”, due to the fact that the convicts that had to go to this resort.

Take in some raw culture with car hire Newcastle

Definitely worth seeing in this city are all the old buildings such as the Christ Church Cathedral (1902) and the City Hall with its striking clock tower- this can be easily reached in your car hire.  Art is also represented in this city.  The Newcastle Region Art Gallery is impressive with famous paintings from Australia from the 19th and 20th centuries.  It’s worth it to take a look at the Maritime Museum that portrays the influence of water on the everyday life of people.  As well as everything else there are bars and restaurants in this city such as in Darby Street or Beaumont Street.  In the friendly company and the Australian “No worries mate” style you can enjoy every meal time in peace and quiet.  Newcastle Beach has a popular bathing beach- Nobby’s Beach which is highly regarded by surfers.  This beach can easily be reached in your hired car in Newcastle.

See amazing animals with the hire car in Newcastle!

Those of you that are animal lovers can watch the animals of Australia in the Blackbutt Reserve.  Particularly sweet is the daily feeding of the cuddly koalas.  The marsupials eat eucalyptus leaves and sleep up to 18 hours a day!  They definitely belong to the most popular animals of the Australian continent.  You can also find kangaroos and emus in this animal reserve.  The kangaroo has no natural predators apart from the dingo which is the reason why the number of these animals has sharply increased in this area. The emus are an interesting sight- this flightless birds young are often as big as the adult males! The Wetlands Centre should also not be left out.  It was founded as a protection area for birds and reptiles.  Here, holiday makers can relax and take a trip in a kayak.  Kayaks can also be hired.

Experience the adventures - well-equipped!

Mount Sugarloaf Lookout can be reached in your cheap car hire in Newcastle.  Why not enjoy the view and take a picnic along with you?  The mountain doesn’t just offer a great view of the surrounding area but also has many different hiking trails.  Due to the fact that the most poisonous snakes are found in Australia, if you are going to go for a walk make sure that you think to wear sturdy shoes!  Those of you that are wine lovers should have a look at the wine growing estates in Hunter Valley.  Firstly, you should arrange who drives and who does the wine-tasting!  Australian wines taste fantastic and are very popular abroad.  Before you set off, it is best to get a card with the wine growing estates from the tourist information centre in order to make sure that the wine lovers find their favourite wines.

CarDelMar wishes you a lovely stay with car hire in Newscastle.

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