Cheap Car Hire Vienna

Cheap Car Hire Vienna

Car Hire Vienna

Vienna- the heart of the old Danube Monarchy and today’s capital city of Austria is one of Europe’s top travel destinations. Every year the city ranks as having one of the highest quality of life worldwide. Visitors to Vienna will find art, culture, a fine style of living and a truly historical background all densely packed together which makes it easy to discover in your car hire. The list of “The Greats” that have lived and worked here is long. However, those of you that don’t know, Vienna is different, Vienna is awe-inspiring and everyone that visits this city will be fascinated and will always take away with them something special.

Motorists will have no orientation problems in their cheap car hire in Vienna as the city is arranged in circles. The famous ring road which in itself is an attraction is the most central roundabout in the city and follows the old city wall. Within this area which is known as the so-called 1st District of the old historical city centre where visitors will come across buildings that are up to 1000 years old. Before you, you will see the Stephan’s Cathedral- one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world. Hint: New Year is celebrated in the cathedral square and at exactly midnight the Danube Waltz is played and all of a sudden thousands of people perform a wonderful play for around three quarters of an hour. 

In the 1st District all the most important attractions are within walking distance to one another- you almost don’t even need a city map as by simply walking around you will come across new and impressive sites. Not too far from Stephan’s Cathedral you can see the noble white Lippizaner horses prancing around in the Spanish Riding School, but be careful, tickets can only be ordered in writing and are very difficult to get a hold of. Next to the Riding School you will find the Viennese Hofburg”, the old residence of the Habsburger and today is the headquarters of the government of Austria. Situated on their own around this building are many impressive buildings and museums to discover- you will definitely need a good couple of days to get round them all. Luckily there are plenty of opportunities to have a breather due to the increase in coffee houses in the area or you can just simply have a rest in a “Hofgarten” and sit on the green spaces. Sometimes it is really breath-taking: The “Hofburg” represents 16th century European culture. Those of you that are fans of Elisabeth of Austria (1837-1989), better know as “Sissi” will immediately recognise the building from the film of the same name. Those of you that would like to find out more about the life of this unlucky empress can visit the newly opened Sissi-Museum. Even more splendid is the treasure chamber located in the House of the Habsburg, the biggest in Europe where emperors have piled together their treasures for centuries.

For those of you that have had your interests stoked after a visit to the Hofburg should go straight to Castle Schönbrunn, Austria’s “Versailles” was built by Emperor Leopold (1640-1705) to celebrate the victory over the Turks. There are over 1400 rooms in the gigantic castle where Baroque and Rococo styles have been perfectly weaved together.

When travelling to Vienna, you should definitely book a cheap car hire in Vienna as a Habsburg tour is definitely recommendable. Then in the evening you can sit back and relax in one of the many old villages or maybe have a walk through the Viennese woods. After a short time driving you can expect to find vintage wines as well as hearty meals and fine cuisine- all served in a friendly and inviting environment. A little further outside of town in your car hire, you will find the cemetery of Vienna and can be easily reached in your car. The cemetery is ideal for those of you that enjoy interesting even if a little spooky trips. Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart as well as many other famous people are buried here and you can wander through the many old, richly decorated graves and ponder over the meaning of life. Vienna, with its long history and its great number of inhabitants will definitely be able to contribute to such topics.


Customer tips for car hire in Vienna

Customers who have hired a car in Vienna have left interesting notes here on what they have discovered with their car hire in the city and surrounding area.

Anonymous, 31 May 2016

Visited national parks in Slovenia. Simply breathtaking views!

MM, 22 Sep 2015

Rented in Vienna and drove to Premantura (Croatia). Easy drive, most of the way motorway. nothing to be avoided, al to be enjoyed!

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