Car Hire Vina del Mar

Car Hire Vina del Mar

Car hire Viña del Mar - "Vineyard of the Sea"

Welcome to Viña del Mar, one of the joyous cities in Chile. Vina del Mar is the 4th largest city in Chile and is part of the Valparaiso region. The city was founded ñon an area of vineyards hence its name which means 'Vineyard of the sea.' From the middle of the 19th century rich families from Valparaiso bought themselves villas with huge gardens that are now located in the oldest part of the city. In this part of the city you will also find the shopping streets. In the new part of the city you will find the beach mile with its promenade, sports club as well as modern apartment blocks. 120 years ago the city was founded as a seaside resort and until today is considered one of the most important seaside resorts in Chile.

Enjoy a colourful nightlife in Viña del Mar with car hire

If you love lively excitement you should pay a visit to Viña del Mar from the middle of December until the middle of February- this is when you will meet the most Chileans and tourists. For a colourful nightlife you will not be disappointed in Viña del Mar- you have the choice between many restaurants and bars as well as clubs.


Taste the history and culture with the aid of car hire

Worth seeing on the Avenida Libertad is the Palacio Carrasco that was built in 1912 which can be easily reached in your hire car. This building has 4 exhibition halls in which you will find touring exhibitions as well as the Archivo Historico. Just round the corner you will find the Museo Sociedad Fonck that is dedicated to the culture of Easter Island and the indigenous people of Chile, the Mapuche. On the Calle Quillota which you can quickly reach in your hire car, you will find the Palacio Rioja that purely personifies the word splendour. The impressive staircase is particularly eye-catching as well as the huge highly decorated stain glass windows. After a viewing you will certainly be able to get an idea of the way of life for these well-to-do residents that lived in Viña del Mar until the beginning of the 20th century.


Take advantage of your mobility in Viña del Mar with a hire car

The most uncomplicated way of getting to the southern part of the city is in your rental car. Right by the sea in the Avenida Marina, you will find the Castillo Wulff- a building that was constructed in 1906 for a rich mine owner that apparently had German ancestors. Today the Museo de la Cultura del Mar is situated in the Castillo. The museum displays maritime themed exhibits and the assets of the author Salvador Reyes are located there. From Viña del Mar in your hire car you can also discover the amazing surroundings. It is not too far to Valparasio if you follow the coastal road Bahia de Valparasio. Valparasio is the most important port of Chile and the city has beautiful viewpoints that you can reach via the steps or the lift. From the top you can gaze out across the whole bay across to Viña del Mar.

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