Car Hire Moscow

Car Hire Moscow

Experience the diversity and historical meaning of Moscow

The city of Moscow certainly belongs to one of the most famous cities in the world.  Due to its diversity and its historical meaning, the city pulls in millions of tourists every year.  From the world famous Kremlin, the Red Square to the Bolschoi Theatre as well as numerous museums- the city has many exciting and varied attractions on offer.  The numerous parks and splendid streets round off what will be a fantastic trip!

Get to know the different Attractions Moscow has to offer

The Kremlin is one of the most famous attractions in the Russian capital. This magnificent building was constructed at the end of the 15th century and served as the residence of the Russian Tsars. Today, the president of the country lives and works in the many splendid rooms. The whole complex is surrounded by a red wall. The shape of the wall looks similar to a triangle whose corner towers are round whereas the rest of the 17 towers are square in shape. With its 71 metres, the Spasskaya tower the most famous and highest tower. In order to take in the complete atmosphere of this place drenched in history, make sure you spend enough time there and car hire will definitely make your trip more interesting.

Adjacent to the Kremlin you will find the approximately 500m by 15m large “Red Square” whose original name was once “Beautiful Square”. Due to its historical significance, it belongs to one of the most important attractions in Moscow and you should definitely not miss out on a visit. A visit to the Lenin Mausoleum is also recommended that you can find directly in front of the wall of the Kremlin. The Basilius Cathedral on the south eastern end of the square is worthwhile visiting. The nine domes shine in their different colours. The asymmetric building was constructed in the middle of the 16th century and was built on the instruction of Ivan the Terrible.

When in Moscow, in your car hire you should drive at least once over the Twerskaya Road which is one of the most famous roads in Moscow. The road is also one of the main roads for transport in the city as well as possibly the most splendid shopping miles in Moscow. The most expensive and shops and exclusive accommodation can be found here. In between there are some very well preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th century that are also definitely worth a visit. The street begins a few hundred metres from the wall of the Kremlin and runs in a north westerly direction towards St.Petersburg.

The Bolschoi Theatre along with the Red Square, The Kremlin and Twerskaya Street belongs to one of Moscows “Must do’s” The extraordinary architecture of today’s theatre dates back to the 19th century, since then the theatre has burned down twice. Above all the splendid interior of the building makes the theatre one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. The resident Bolschoi Ballet has a world famous reputation and you should not miss out on at least going to one of their performances.

More culture is on offer in what is perhaps the most famous Museum in the city- the Puschkin Museum of fine arts. The museum houses an ample collection of paintings, above all from the west European artists dating back to the 13th century. A visit is definitely worth it and you should make sure that you give yourself enough time to explore.

Those of you that are more interested in the new, modern art of Moscow can visit the biggest construction in Europe- that is located approximately 5km (3 miles) west of the Kremlin which can be easily reached in your car hire. Here, you will find the new office and business building that will become a part of the so called Moscow City as well as the Federaziya which will be approximately 360 m high on completion and will become the biggest office building in Europe.

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