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Like a patchwork quilt the green fields stretch over the gentle rolling hills.  Quiet villages are hidden in between woods and pulsating cities attract those that are looking for some entertainment and on the coastline, many seaside resorts can be found next to each other.  The county of Essex extends itself north east of London.  The variation between country living and city living makes Essex a unique region:  Typical for the east of England  

The city of Chelmsford is situated only 45km (28 miles) north east from London’s city centre and can be easily reached in your car hire.  Thousands of the 156,000 inhabitants commute daily to and from the English capital and Chelmsford.  However, the city itself is an important industrial location of the UK as in 1898 the first “wireless” factory in the world was opened here.  A little outside of the city some of the most important historical resorts are situated such as Writtle which can also be easily reached in your car hire.  Once upon a time in this small resort, the Scottish King Robert I married his second wife.  In Pleshey you will find the ruins of a castle that featured in William Shakesphere’s play, “Richard II”     

Approximately 30km (19 miles) north east from Chelmsford in your car hire you will find Colchester - the cultural centre in Essex and the location of the University of Essex.  The 2000 year old city history can be found in museums and is also apparent in parts of the city as well as galleries were art from all over the world is displayed.  Theatres, bars and discos offer a change of an evening and there are also Open-Air-Events in the numerous parks during the summer months.  Those of you that would like to go shopping can choose between small, individual shops or larger shopping centres.  

Particularly worth seeing are the castle grounds in the centre of the city.  In spring, when the numerous flowers in the closely situated parks bloom- the visit is made even more enjoyable.  Incidentally, some historians reckon that the castle and the city has something to do with the famous city of Camelot and King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.  However, until now no proof has been found.  Colchester is the oldest documented settlement in Great Britain, the first recordings were made in 42AD.

In the Dutch Quarter there are many well preserved half-timbered houses from the 16th century to have a look at.  Weavers and textile tradesmen from Flanders, Netherlands built some house and a church between 1550 and 1600.  Those of you that wish to go out with the students and young people in the surrounding area should visit the Roller Disco- a regional highlight.  Here, you can listen to the latest chart music and skate until late in the night.     

The best example of a typical seaside resort on the English east coast is Southend-on-Sea in the southern part of Essex on the northern part of the mouth of the River Themes that runs into the North Sea.  Next to well-looked after park grounds and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe you will find the main attraction.  The Southend-Pier is the longest pier in the world with a length of 2.16km (1.34 miles)  Further amusement parks are located in the surrounding areas of the city which can be easily reached in your car hire.  In the summer months people queue up to see huge events such as the biggest air-show in Europe, the “Concert in the Park”, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and several water regattas.  On the onset of darkness between July and November the promenade is illuminated in a fantastic array of colours.

Chelmsford, Colchester und Southend-on-Sea: 3 resorts that represent the county of Essex.  Of course, outside of the city there are quaint villages, beautiful sections of the coast and the further fields of the surrounding area that can all be easily discovered in your car hire.  What are you waiting for!  Travel to Essex!