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JamesT, 24 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Great Britain
Not entirely sure what service CarDelMar have actually provided

JACOB FINN, 24 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Switzerland

JW, 24 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Spain
Took 2 hours to collect car at Barcelona. All my details had to be re-entered as not transferred from yourselves. I won't use you again as I had not got 2 hours to spare - unless you can improve the system.

Graham, 24 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Switzerland
Excellent website and communications

Simon, 24 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Spain
Good service

Diva, 23 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Portugal
Your office is never open although the booking confirmation says we can contact you anytime of the day. Also you have no control on your partners, when you have confirmed a FULL to FULL Fuel why did the partner give us an empty or 1/8th fuel car. we lost money on fuel as we had no choice but to return 1/2 full fuel. The supplier also insisted that we should speak to when we had booked with you why do we need to speak to a third party. Will never choose CarDelMAr again for sure.

Jonathan, 23 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Spain
My girlfriend and I arrived ahead of time to collect our pre-booked car by waiting outside of the front of departure hall 3rd floor at Bilbao Airport for a shuttle bus (this in itself was fairly vague) as instructed on our rental voucher. We asked numerous people / staff what the arrangement was for this and nobody seemed to know. After waiting for some time I called CarDelMar who informed me that no car would be available and that Sol mar no longer did car rentals as of 30 minutes ago. I was astounded! I had not received a single email to suggest any issues – on the contrary in fact I had received confirmation emails on March 5th and even a reminder about the booking on April 3rd. Even after the so called “rental period” I received an email requesting feedback on April 11th!! The lack of car meant that we wasted a great deal of time and additionally had to pay way over the odds with an alternative provider to rent an alternative car there and then.

Eduard Biteanu, 23 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Romania
Unfortunately I have been under the impression that hire price contain no hidden price or fees . Payless asked for extra 10 euros (Romanian Road Tax ROvigneta ) which I had to pay . I felt it was a liltle bit of a rip off as I hired a car from the same company(payless ) last year and they did not asked for this tax as it was included with the other provider.

Michael Scott, 23 Apr 2017

Car hire in: Portugal
I pre-paid £101.13 on the 7th March for a car hire using CarDelMar on my holiday to Portugal. When I arrived to Interrent I was asked if I wanted to upgrade to a VW Polo for an extra 5 euros a day which I did,plus an extra 15 euros a day for a more better insurance,again which I did. However,once I got back to the UK after a week,i was horrified that I had been charged £161.33 for the car hire,on top of the £101.13 I had previously paid in March!! Something does not add up??? Why have I paid twice,i know I upgraded and got better quality insurance but surely ive been overcharged??

Peter Claridge, 23 Apr 2017

Car hire in: France

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