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You can view a list of CarDelMar's international telephone numbers, providing easily accessible customer support in several languages and in your vicinity.

You may cancel your car for free up to 24 hours before the rental. To do this, go to the Login Area at "My CarDelMar".

Click on the navigation bar on the top right Pulldown Menu. Then go to the menu item My Bookings. Retrieve your booking by entering the Rental Period, the Booking Reference Number or the Booking Date and then click on the results overview for Details.

You can now cancel your booking on the Reservation Cancel Button. Thereafter, the amount debited will automatically be credited back to your credit card.

Are you already a customer, but have no login for "My CarDelMar"? Request Login now!

If your travel plans change and you would like to make an alteration to your booking, the quickest way is to make a Cancellation in the Login Area with a subsequent New Booking.

At CarDelMar, you have the option to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours prior, without providing any explanation. When rebooking, the new booking surcharge price will apply at this time.

For more information, refer to the Cancellation Topic above.

The following are questions you might have:

• What is the arrangement regarding fuel?
• How much is the excess?
• How much is the deposit?
• How much is the insured third party cover?
• Where is the rental outlet?

These and other questions will be answered by the rental terms and conditions as provided by the local hire company. The rental terms and conditions are not only provided to you during the booking process, they are also printed on the voucher that you will receive from us once you have made the payment for your car hire.

We have divided the rental terms and conditions into different sections:

A. Third party insurance
Here, the local car hire company‘s third party cover will be outlined.

B. Excess
Here, the local car hire company‘s excess will be outlined. 

C. Extras
Here, costs for extras (for instance, baby-seats, additional drivers etc.), additional charges (for instance, hotel delivery, collection outside of office hours etc.) and any compulsory charges will be outlined.

D. Local rental terms and conditions
Here, information about minimum and, if applicable, maximum age is provided. You will also receive information about the required driving licence, the depositfuel arrangements, service charges for fines and damages and any other specific features. 

E. One-way rentals/Travelling across borders
Here, you will receive information about whether you can undertake one-way rentals and, if so, what charges you can expect. You will also find out whether travelling across borders is allowed and what you need to take into account when doing so.

You have read through the local rental agreement and still have questions? Please note that we provide the rental terms and conditions for your information only. CarDelMar has no influence on the rental agreement provided by the local rental company.

Please call us so that we can answer your questions. Our service hotline team will be happy to assist you further.

Click here for the contact information.

You pay CarDelMar for the car that you have booked via valid credit card. You then give the local rental company the voucher provided to you by CarDelMar. The voucher is basically your payment for the vehicle.

Should you have incurred other local charges (for instance, for booked extras or additional charges), you can also pay them via valid credit card.

In addition, the rental company requires a deposit for the booked vehicle. This amount will be blocked from a valid credit card in the name of the driver. Upon returning the vehicle, the deposit will again be released. Therefore, make sure that the limit on your credit card is sufficient to cover the amount of the deposit.

You can find out which credit cards are accepted by the local rental company under point D. in the rental agreement, “Local rental terms and conditions”

Please note that some rental companies will require two credit cards for very expensive vehicles. Special regulations like this can also be found under point D. “Local rental terms and conditions”.

You hired a car previously and were unhappy with the service of the rental company or that of CarDelMar. Not all complaints are entitled to a refund. Read here about complaints with little chance of securing a refund.

Or you suffered damages and you want to apply for a refund of the excess.

Contact us online and upload your documents here to ensure swift processing of your case.

As a rule, we will communicate with you via e-mail.

When making a booking on our website, if the booking is “upon request” by the rental company, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your booking.

If the rental company confirms the booking, you will receive your invoice and your credit card will be charged. We will only send you the voucher once the amount has successfully been deducted from the credit card supplied.

The voucher counts as payment for the vehicle once you are on location. Read through the rental company‘s terms and conditions that are printed on the voucher carefully. Print the voucher and bring it with you to the collection outlet.

The booking documentation also contains the rental guidelines. These contain important information about collection and delivery of the vehicle and what you need to take into consideration during the rental period. We recommend that you print these out and bring them with you.

Should you not have received the booking documentation, please check whether the e-mail has ended up in the Spam/junk folder.

Should you have questions regarding your booking documentation, please call us. Our service hotline team will be happy to assist you further.

Click here for the contact information.

Payments for the car that you have booked are made to CarDelMar via valid credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard

We do not only accept the credit card of the person renting; you are also able to supply us with someone else’s credit card details.

Please make sure that the driver is able to present a credit card in his/her name once on location. The rental partner needs this in order to block the deposit.

Should you have additional questions regarding this, please call us. Our service hotline team will be happy to assist you further.

Click here for the contact information.


CarDelMar’s prices are not only updated on a daily basis; sometimes they are even updated every minute. If you have found a car at a very good price, don’t wait – be sure to book it right away.

Discounts and specials

For bargain hunters we have another tip on how to save even more with CarDelMar. Sign up for the CarDelMar newsletter here, and we will send you regular offers and information on special deals.

Vehicle availability

Vehicle availability can be limited, especially during the high season. Therefore, it is possible that you have found – but not booked – a car one day, and the next day it no longer appears in the list of vehicles. This means, that particular car has been booked out from that particular outlet.

Vehicle categories

The rental company often offers a vehicle fleet of different vehicle categories. Examples of vehicle categories are small cars, station wagons or convertibles. 

Please note that your request from the local rental outlet is not for a specific vehicle model, brand or colour. The advertised vehicles are just examples. You will be supplied with a car from the booked vehicle category once on location.

Vehicle features

If, for example, you select a vehicle with air-conditioning, you will be entitled to a car with this feature once on-site. Should the reserved vehicle in the reserved category not be available, the rental company is obliged to provide you with a more expensive car. Higher fuel costs that result from the upgrade are neither covered by the rental company nor by CarDelMar.

Should you have additional questions regarding this, please call us. Our service hotline team will be happy to assist you further.

Click here for the contact information.

Should your problem not be listed among any of the aforementioned topics, please call us. Our service hotline team will be happy to assist you further.

Click here for the contact information.

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Our hotline:

  • From the UK 0203 788 4464 (national rate)

Quick answers – important info:

  • Free cancellation until 24 hours before pick up
  • Only credit card payment is accepted by CarDelMar (MasterCard, Visa)
  • A credit card in the name of the driver must be provided at the place of pick up for the security deposit
  • The deposit amount can be found in the local terms and conditions
  • You can find information about your booking by logging into “My CarDelMar“
  • To submit a new claim or complaint, please click here. If you have a claim or complaint that was opened before March 1st 2017 and you wish to check on progress, please click here.
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